Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trip to Singapore

Our spontaneous trip to Singapore a few weeks ago was great fun, even if the thing we did most was take a bath. Our kids have a mini-bathtub from Ikea at home so having a REAL bathtub is like having our own POOL. We took FIVE baths in less than 48 hours. For reals.

But other than that, some stuff we did...

We rode the train. Last time we came here, John was shorter than the sign.

We ate at this food court place in Chinatown.

And had some of these yummy gyoza.

And fruit from this stall. They have these in Malaysia can pick out whatever fruit looks yummy and they'll bag it up with little sticks to poke and eat it with. I got some red dragonfruit, water apples, pineapple and watermelon for about $2.50...mmm...
Yes, that's how we live it up when we travel abroad.

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