Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birthday Fun

OK, so we had a couple of birthdays. Like, a long time ago.
But I'm going to put some pictures up because they're still cute! Even though they're 2 months old!
So basically right after Christmas, I have 3 birthdays within a few weeks of each other. Yikes. So lets look at birthdays!
This was Emily in her new birthday dress momma made for her. I've never done that before and I didn't have a pattern, just used a smaller dress she used to wear as my basic pattern. It turned out a MESS at first and my mom had to help me a ton (thanks mom!) but basically it ended all right.

Opening presents with cousins!

More presents!!

And more presents!!! She loves her princess dress.

Her cake BEFORE it was cooked. It was fun to cover it with frosting and surprise her when it was cut. John helped me decorate it while she was taking a nap. What a sweetheart.

OK, I cannot be held totally responsible for this. I think we found this in one of my old boxes (you have to understand, it wasn't too long after the 70s when i wore this and...and...ok, i just have nothing else to say) and she was DYING to try it on and twirl with it. She's also commandeered a similar one in pink. She wears it to church. Help me.

Daddy spending quality time playing "Zingo!" with the kids. It's Bingo with pictures and it's fun. Emily pulls it out about every other hour of the day. She kinda' likes it. (This was a Christmas present not a birthday present, but it was a cute one of the fam.)

Moving on to the next birthday...

Little Dew's favorite present...another homemade one from me. Seriously, it is hilarious and awesome how much he loves his Domo (it's Japanese). From the moment he saw it, he growled fiercely and proudly at it and then he laughed hysterically. And he's been doing that ever since.

Opening presents...the anticipation...

I tried to get a ton of pics with the birthday boy but for some reason he was more interested in playing with the presents, the boxes, the wrapping paper...

I made him a Domo cake to match his stuffed animal...here is the preparation stage. Please don't try this at home. I'm a professional. (Or I just followed somebody else's blog tutorial and cut a rectangle off the end of a 9x13 cake to make the arms. But still...I had to, you know, use a knife.)

And the final product! I think he's adorable. I made the mouth, teeth & "David" out of colored melting chocolate.

The obligatory stuffing of the face...

Those eyse...there are no words.

All done!

Cleaned up and ready for bed. My baby is one. I can't even...there's no...how did this...I just can't believe it.

Brothers. This picture makes my heart melt a little.

Oh, just look at my little brood. When they play together it makes me happier than anything on earth.

I was going to continue with John's birthday but Blogger + my internet = RIDICULOUSLY slow. It takes over 10 minutes to download 5 pics at a time. So I've reached my limit for the night. To be continued...