Thursday, November 24, 2005

San Francisco Sushi

OK, it's not really sushi, but we needed another pictures of Michael & I on this blog. Besides, I sometimes forget what it was like when I used to have a waist, so it's nice to reminisce. :) Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving day

We definitely have a lot to be thankful for this year... we have a healthy pumpkin growing in there! Posted by Picasa

More mommy pics

This was taken a while ago, but it definitely shows growth. Posted by Picasa

The princess & the witch

Are they adorable, or what? Posted by Picasa


I'm always amazed that Aimee can get her hair straight. Posted by Picasa


Like father, like daughter. Posted by Picasa

The scarecrow

Who cares about getting a brain... I want CANDY! :) Posted by Picasa


When Ted was visiting, Michael & I took him to the UT State Fair and these Brown Swiss cows reminded me of mom because they're her favorite... they just needed big brass bells. Posted by Picasa

Lions & Tigers & Bears

Our pumpkin's first toys... Michael found these in Vegas and couldn't resist. (p.s. I've decided to stop calling the baby "peanut" because he definitely isn't anymore... he feels like a giant pumpkin with VERY active legs & fists.) Posted by Picasa

The other kiddie table

I can't believe I got them all to look at the same time! Scout, Gracie, Lily, and Belle... they were just chattering away the whole time, oblivious to the rest of us. Girls will be girls. Posted by Picasa

The kiddie table

That old man in the front is McKay and the young woman behind him is Baylee. When did they get so big??? The only "kiddie" at this table is really Hanna (hiding behind Jared). Somehow we convinced Jared to sit at the kiddie table. :) Posted by Picasa

Stuffing our faces

Can you tell that we're enjoying the food? You can't even tell that used to be a bird. Posted by Picasa

Carving the bird

Should we let this man be wielding a knife??? Posted by Picasa

The mom-to-be

I hung onto those overalls as long as I could... I don't think they fit anymore. :) Posted by Picasa

My belly

I'm definitely not fitting in my pants anymore. Posted by Picasa


After months of threatening to do so, my toenail finally fell off. Gross. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another peanut picture.

We got another ultrasound at the doctor... this time peanut is big enough for us to tell it's a... BOY!!! Make no mistake, he is DEFINITELY a boy (Michael thought it would be inappropriate to put the "boy" pictures on our website, but take our word for it.) :) This picture is one of my favorites-- it shows his little profile on the right and his belly on the left. I already think he's beautiful.