Friday, June 02, 2006


But when he's awake he is very alert, reactive to our faces & noises, and SO dang adorable. His eyes are getting bluer, his legs are getting chubbier, and his tummy is getting rounder. We love it! Posted by Picasa

zzzz... again...

Yes, he still sleeps a lot... although it's getting harder to get him to fall asleep. He wants to be up and playing with mom & dad all the time. Posted by Picasa


i have found my thumb!!! Posted by Picasa

loving you.

Give us a squeeze! Posted by Picasa


My boys are so sleepy. Naptime is the greatest at our house. Posted by Picasa

feeling groovy.

Contemplative or sleepy? Posted by Picasa

Big boy clothes

He's finally fitting into something besides onesies! Posted by Picasa


John started sucking on Michael's cheek... I think it's feeding time. Posted by Picasa

all tuckered out.

I can't help it... I love holding him & watching him sleep. Posted by Picasa

Family Photo

This is the ONLY picture we have with the three of us. :) We promise to take more. Posted by Picasa

Mamma's boy

 Posted by Picasa