Friday, September 24, 2010

Randomness on a Friday Afternoon

1. I was in a car accident this week. It wasn't my fault. The other driver's insurance company denied my claim. This made me angry.
2. I don't usually yell at people. As long as my children don't count as "people" cause I yell at them.
3. That makes me sad. I love my kids more than any other people on the planet--why would I yell at them and not everyone else?
4. Well, I did yell at the insurance adjuster who told me my claim was denied and wouldn't tell me why. I also apologized to him. But I still think he deserved it.
5. So I took my car in to get it fixed and now have a rental car for a few weeks.
6. The rental is a 2010 Dodge something-or-other. A minivan. I HEART IT.
7. I'm already sad thinking about having to give it back when my own car is fixed.
8. One day I think I'd like to own a new car. Just for kicks.
9. My kids were so good through the whole switching-cars thing that I took them to McDonalds for lunch and to play on the playland. I never take them there. Nothing wrong with playlands, I just hate having to eat there.
10. By and large, fast food is nas-tay.
11. Except Frosty's from Wendy's. That is ambrosia right there.
12. I got a video from Redbox last night. Prince of Persia. It was seriously awesome, not what I was expecting at all. I highly recommend it.
13. I tried for over half an hour to get it to work, but it kept stopping when it got to the movie, so I called Redbox to complain. They gave me promo codes for 2 free movies to make up for it.
14. After I got off the phone I tried the movie one more time and it worked.
15. I felt a little guilty.
16. But not that guilty.
17. I AM GOING ON A DATE TONIGHT WITH MY HUBBY!!! This makes me happy.
18. That is all. Apparently 18 is my limit with random thoughts today.
19. Thank you, and good night. Wait, make that 19...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

growing pains, part 2

(See notes on previous post. Blubbering, Twix-eating, lamenting baby growing up, etc. Typical mothering syndromes, it comes with the territory.)

growing pains

I am happy that he's so excited to crawl, I really am. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Then I go cry in the corner and eat a Twix. Why do babies have to grow up?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

no such thing as too much awesome

We send out this ecard (from someecards) to our wonderful husband & father, who epitomizes awesomeness. And we are sorry we didn't get to spend more time with him on his birthday, the stud. But we appreciate you busting your chops with full-time work AND school AND being a good friend when someone needs it AND still managing to stay awesome. So here's to my own Captain Awesome. I love you, babe.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

things motherhood has done to my brain

Yesterday I made zucchini chocolate chip cookies. My beautiful friend Mitzi found the recipe HERE and I made them at her house...they were pretty awesome, especially using a fresh zucchini from her garden. I decided to make them again. I got all the ingredients mixed together and was ready to add the zucchini at the end, so I grabbed the grater and started shredding that sucker. But, seemed really...watery. Are zucchini's supposed to be like that? And...what the? Why are there SEEDS in my zucchini??? I stopped grating and pulled the zucchini back to investigate. Can't you just imagine the puzzled look on my face? Go ahead, imagine it. Suddenly, the smell hit me. You know how zucchinis, that's wrong, zucchinis don't smell. It smells...refreshing. Seeds, fresh smell, water...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I'M GRATING A CUCUMBER TO PUT IN MY ZUCCHINI COOKIES!

If you actually compare the two, they are nothing alike. Cucumbers are bumpy with a smooth, plastic-like skin. Zucchini don't have bumps but they are rough with these almost imperceptible coarse little hairs, like some guy with a five o'clock shadow. Cause, you know, I'd hate for you do to something embarrassing like CONFUSE the two of them.
So, now I had a bowl with half of a grated cucumber. And no zucchini. I turned the oven off that was preheating and rounded up the kids, mumbling about needing to buy a zucchini. Then John & I had a little lesson at the store about the differences between cucumber and zucchini. When you're a parent you don't want your children to make the same mistakes you've made. You know, you want to protect them from the pain and suffering of vegetable confusion. Also, let this be a warning if you are at my home: I might someday make a carrot cake with squash. Or a fruit tart with eggplant. **Eat at your own risk**

In case you are a complete moron like me* and need a refresher:
*sheesh. seriously, this makes me feel like a complete moron. you are welcome for making you feel better about yourself.