Friday, September 24, 2010

Randomness on a Friday Afternoon

1. I was in a car accident this week. It wasn't my fault. The other driver's insurance company denied my claim. This made me angry.
2. I don't usually yell at people. As long as my children don't count as "people" cause I yell at them.
3. That makes me sad. I love my kids more than any other people on the planet--why would I yell at them and not everyone else?
4. Well, I did yell at the insurance adjuster who told me my claim was denied and wouldn't tell me why. I also apologized to him. But I still think he deserved it.
5. So I took my car in to get it fixed and now have a rental car for a few weeks.
6. The rental is a 2010 Dodge something-or-other. A minivan. I HEART IT.
7. I'm already sad thinking about having to give it back when my own car is fixed.
8. One day I think I'd like to own a new car. Just for kicks.
9. My kids were so good through the whole switching-cars thing that I took them to McDonalds for lunch and to play on the playland. I never take them there. Nothing wrong with playlands, I just hate having to eat there.
10. By and large, fast food is nas-tay.
11. Except Frosty's from Wendy's. That is ambrosia right there.
12. I got a video from Redbox last night. Prince of Persia. It was seriously awesome, not what I was expecting at all. I highly recommend it.
13. I tried for over half an hour to get it to work, but it kept stopping when it got to the movie, so I called Redbox to complain. They gave me promo codes for 2 free movies to make up for it.
14. After I got off the phone I tried the movie one more time and it worked.
15. I felt a little guilty.
16. But not that guilty.
17. I AM GOING ON A DATE TONIGHT WITH MY HUBBY!!! This makes me happy.
18. That is all. Apparently 18 is my limit with random thoughts today.
19. Thank you, and good night. Wait, make that 19...

1 comment:

  1. Love this!
    1-sorry to hear about the accident
    2-that is very odd they aren't telling you why the denied your claim
    3-see now I would rather EAT at McDonald's than PLAY at the dirty playland.
    5-yay for dates!
    6-my parents yelled at me...and I even got spanked a few times...I still love them with all my heart.
    7-I can't think of any other comments I would like to leave except I like you!
    8-oh I thought of has been WAY TOO LONG SINCE I HAVE SEEN YOU GUYS!!!