Thursday, February 23, 2006

Anxious parents

OK, I figured I'd put one on here of little John is the Special Care Nursery... it wasn't fun while he was in there, but now that he's out we figure it won't freak everyone out too much. Luckily he only had that "oxygen helmet" on during the first day. When I went in around 4 a.m. the next morning, they had taken it off a few hourse before. Phew! Posted by Picasa

Holding daddy's hand

This is Michael's favorite picture... he's got it as the desktop for every one of his computers & it also is the picture that comes up on his phone when I call him. Is he a proud pappa, or what! Posted by Picasa

Best friends

This is Joey, one of John's new friends. Since they are the same size, they get along great. Posted by Picasa

Tall, dark & handsome

This shows how much beautiful, dark hair he has. Sean is so jealous... Peyton is 2 and still hardly has any hair. :) Posted by Picasa

Is he really ours?!!

We are ecstatic when the pediatrician finally gives us the OK to take him home. Mom wanted pictures without us in them so they could really see John up close... but I realized that we don't really have any because we're never NOT holding him. He's too precious to put down. :) Michael's new favorite past-time is curling up to sleep with his son. Apparently I've been replaced. :) Posted by Picasa

Getting checked up

Because he was so early there were a few worries... one of which was fluid in the lungs and a decreased capacity to breathe on his own. We spent 2 worry-filled days with him in the Special Care Nursery (and mom going crazy without him in her room!) but we would sit with him for hours. He was so brave and didn't cry at all when they hooked him up to the I.V. Posted by Picasa

Big man on campus

And here is the famous peanut himself. Only now we finally have a name. May I present to you-- John Daniel Weist. (John Daniel Weist is an ancestor of Michael's who was chosen personally by General George Washington to keep the fires going at Valley Forge as a diversionary tactic so the troops could cross the river undetected.) Our peanut is starting off life with quite a legacy (on both sides of the family). Posted by Picasa


...and apparently, it is!!! Less than a week after Valentine's, we get a President's Day surprise. Baby peanut is born 4 weeks early & my belly has turned into a bowl of jelly about 1/4 the size it was last week! Posted by Picasa

Happy Valentine's Day

Making sugar cookies on Valentine's Day... Michael was a big help... eating the dough. I feel like my belly is bursting... Posted by Picasa

The new looks!

Michael decided on the Starsky & Hutch look, while I went a little red and cut bangs for the first time since 6th grade. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Erin & I at my Dad's b-day party. Just to show that I had a goatee 'cause it is going to be gone before the little guy comes 'cause babies don't like prickly facial hair. Posted by Picasa