Monday, July 31, 2006

little bruiser.

thankfully, john's favorite activity is no longer to claw his eyes out. now it is to see how many fingers he can shove into his mouth at once. so far, we think the record is eight. Posted by Picasa

cute as a button

john's great-grandma means thinks he is adorable and he makes her laugh. Posted by Picasa


grandma & grandpa snow say their goodbyes before going back to ghana. Posted by Picasa

my mom dresses me.

aww... mom, do i have to wear this hat? Posted by Picasa

clean-up day

i was doing a little clean-up in the basement with john on a blanket... i wasn't paying attention to him for a minute and when i looked at him next, this is where he had rolled. my little houdini. Posted by Picasa


john learned how to roll over & over... which rolled him right into a metal beam. eek. :) he had a nice little "c" shaped mark on his forehead for a day. he also has a perpetual pimple on his chin from all his drooling. Posted by Picasa

take me out to the ballgame.

ha! he just gets cuter & cuter. Posted by Picasa

family portrait

look, another pic with all three of us... that brings the total up to two. :) Posted by Picasa

the african queen

grandma snow loves being home to play with her grandkids. Posted by Picasa

grandpa & son

the look-alikes. (john looks JUST like his grandpa snow as a boy). Posted by Picasa


john goes swimming for the first time at our Snow family reunion. he LOVED every minute of it. he's like a fish! Posted by Picasa

the many faces of john

our own little flip-book type entry of the many happy faces of john. he loves to smile and make us laugh. Posted by Picasa

best buddies

john used to be the same size as his giraffe joey-- now he's almost doubled his length! our boy is growing so fast. Posted by Picasa

keep on truckin'

at the end of our vegas trip, mom & dad have the BRILLIANT idea of changing john's poopy diaper in the car. needless to say, it took about a pack of wipes to clean up john, our hands and arms, the car seat... we needed a break, so we cleaned up at the gas station restroom and let john drive for a while. Posted by Picasa

viva las vegas!

john goes on his first trip... to vegas! michael thinks it's hilarious to give john the remote when he leaves the room instead of me. Posted by Picasa

the big day!

after over 5 months, he finally gets blessed in church! he was so good and slept during most of it. Posted by Picasa

crazy eyes :)

he doesn't always fall asleep in his car seat. :) Posted by Picasa

the big day

my mission comp. sister choate gets married! Posted by Picasa

big eyes

his eyes are getting more and more blue every day. Posted by Picasa

my boys

john is so easy to entertain. Posted by Picasa


we love cuddling! Posted by Picasa

still sleepy

zzzzz... Posted by Picasa