Sunday, February 03, 2013

Right on time! (sort of)

So in case you're not friends with me on Facebook I thought I'd make a baby announcement here...
We had a baby!!! :)
And even though it was 5 WEEKS EARLY, we really should have been expecting our baby to come because for some reason I can't keep them in any longer than that.  And even though it was 5 WEEKS EARLY our little baby (BOY!!) basically came right on time.  And he was a quick one, too.  Not to be outdone by his brothers or his sister, he came faster than any of them!  I started contractions about 9:30pm, headed to the hospital with contractions 10 min. apart about 11pm, got to the hospital about 11:45pm with contractions 3 minutes apart...he was born 20 minutes later just after midnight!  There was a MAJOR snowstorm that night that really slowed us down...he was darn near born in the car!!  Phew, that was close!

You can see the little oxygen tube they sent us home from the hospital with.  Not fun.  So glad it was only in for a day or so. 

This kid is SO loved, he hardly ever gets put down because someone always wants to hold him! 

Happy momma & poppa.  (Even though it's only half my face, you can tell I'm happy.) 

Silly brothers!  I can already sense it, these 3 are going to be a handful! 

Well, hello there, pretty eyes! 

Welcome to the world James A. Weist!!!  We sure love you.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We have a winner

The other morning Michael & I were playing "I bet my dream was weirder than yours" as he got ready for work.  He dreamed some sort of military tactical warfare where he was chopping off heads.  Yawn.

My dream took place on the historical island of Pompeii (back when it was a thriving metropolis) and was about some conspiracy theory that a man purposely caused the fateful volcano with a planned train crash.  And while people were fleeing the ash & destruction onto cruise ships there was a zombie outbreak and no one knew if their neighbor was a zombie until it was too late.  I won the game because Michael said he'd totally pay to see that movie.

Oh, and Michael Jackson also featured as a zombie in my dream.  Double win.

Sleep deprivation from nursing: causing awesome dreams for the win!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's about that time...

I'm sure it's only obvious to myself that I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY ANY TIME IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS and I'm going slightly berserk, as will happen at the end of my pregnancies.  Usually I fill my end-time with craft projects and since we just had Christmas this was a perfect way to vent my impatience.  I found an awesome DIY project whilst browsing Pinterest one day and gave this as a family gift on Christmas.  (By the way, has anyone tried doing mostly "family" gifts at Christmas?  Everyone seems to want to use each other's toys/stuff anyway so we might as well make them family presents, right?  And all our kids' birthdays come within a few weeks after Christmas so we can get them individual gifts then.  Right?  Right???)  Anyway, I digress... here is my lovely Pinterest find (don't mind my phenomenal photography skills.  Or my immaculate fridge).

(Tutorial that I used to make ruler HERE)

I know, I'm proud of me, too.  It's a giant ruler to measure our kids' growth instead of using the door jamb (which is currently where all the measurements are, directly behind where this ruler is now).  And we can take it with us if we ever move!  It was ridiculously easy to make and I didn't even bother using vinyl like some of the websites I saw, it's all by hand.  Anything to make my life easier.  I think I have another board in the garage I could probably make another one for a gift sometime.

So craft project #2 was even easier and took even less in, I made it right before dinner because all I had to do was cut and stitch.

The blue hat on the left I already had in a baby boy box somewhere and both my boys have worn it, but since Miss Em was born in Malaysia she never needed a hat and thus we had no girl hat ready.  Since we don't know the gender I stitched up the girl hat quickly so we'd have one of each.  It wasn't even supposed to be ruffled like that at the fold but it is incredibly stretchy knit so I accidentally pulled the dickens out of it while sewing.  I was all worried that I'd destroyed it but then I folded it up and it looks like a cute little flower.  Serendipity.

So now we are (sort of) ready (mostly) for baby, because, you know, I couldn't give birth if I didn't have a hat ready.  But at least the hats are both waiting patiently (unlike mom) in the bassinet at the foot of our bed.

Now I'm off to find another craft project.  I've become obsessed with the mess that is my bathroom lately and I'm looking forward to (probably not until this summer) painting walls and vanity, putting up shelves, framing my mirror, getting a new light fixture and new curtain rod...but for now just the planning will help take my mind off the fact that I have only a few weeks left.  If anyone needs help with their own projects I have energy for two!  If only I didn't still have a zillion things to do.