Sunday, February 03, 2013

Right on time! (sort of)

So in case you're not friends with me on Facebook I thought I'd make a baby announcement here...
We had a baby!!! :)
And even though it was 5 WEEKS EARLY, we really should have been expecting our baby to come because for some reason I can't keep them in any longer than that.  And even though it was 5 WEEKS EARLY our little baby (BOY!!) basically came right on time.  And he was a quick one, too.  Not to be outdone by his brothers or his sister, he came faster than any of them!  I started contractions about 9:30pm, headed to the hospital with contractions 10 min. apart about 11pm, got to the hospital about 11:45pm with contractions 3 minutes apart...he was born 20 minutes later just after midnight!  There was a MAJOR snowstorm that night that really slowed us down...he was darn near born in the car!!  Phew, that was close!

You can see the little oxygen tube they sent us home from the hospital with.  Not fun.  So glad it was only in for a day or so. 

This kid is SO loved, he hardly ever gets put down because someone always wants to hold him! 

Happy momma & poppa.  (Even though it's only half my face, you can tell I'm happy.) 

Silly brothers!  I can already sense it, these 3 are going to be a handful! 

Well, hello there, pretty eyes! 

Welcome to the world James A. Weist!!!  We sure love you.


  1. So happy for you guys!

  2. The kids are so adorable. Miss you guys!