Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Baby clothes

I don't even have this many clothes! That's 5 whole loads of laundry already and the boy isn't even here yet! THANKS SEAN & MIN!!!!! :) Posted by Picasa

Loaded up

It's only the beginning of the accumulation. Posted by Picasa

Baby Bopper

Have you ever seen one of these??? I certainly hadn't... but it will be fun to actually hold a baby on there. Posted by Picasa

Toys for peanut

Putting together our Baby Einstein toy... thanks Andrea! Posted by Picasa

The changing table

Michael puts together our changing table... thank you Chris & Christa!!! Posted by Picasa

Let's play "tidy up the nursery"

This is how we spent the day after New Years... this shows our peanut's nursery as a work-in-progress. Posted by Picasa

Another blanket

We love all the baby stuff!!! Posted by Picasa

Our blankets

Michael holds 2 of the receiving blankets that Margaret & I made. He really is excited, I promise. :) Posted by Picasa

Christmas at the Weist Ranch

Micah looks... ummm... tired? Sure. Has anyone else seen this many presents in one place at one time? Not me. Michael's family went seriously above & beyond with the baby gifts. Posted by Picasa

The Connoisseurs

Our first piece of art we bought together in New York. This is hanging above our stairs. Posted by Picasa

More Christmas fun

Michael loves these movies - 'The Thin Man' (by the way, did anyone notice how adorable we both are in our matching bathrobes?) Posted by Picasa

Christmas morning

My husband thought I might want to blend something someday. :) Seriously, this is the coolest gift... and the first appliance we've actually bought ourselves. Posted by Picasa

Our house is a very, very, very...

very BLUE house. We thought we needed a picture in front of our first house. It is VERY cold outside, by the way. Posted by Picasa

Welcome visitors

Nathan (Michael's old roommate), Michelle & Daniel come for a visit. Daniel has grown SO much since we went to his blessing last year. Posted by Picasa

I seem to have a growth...

Man, that belly is getting big! No wonder my back hurts. Posted by Picasa

It's winter in Utah

I'm sure mom & dad are REALLY missing the snow here. :) Posted by Picasa