Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Little Revealing

  1. I have not been able to concentrate on one thing for more than 20 minutes since 7:30 tonight.
  2. Can you develop ADD overnight?
  3. It's more likely that I know I should be doing something else and I'm avoiding it.
  4. It's really helping me to number my sentences right now.
  5. Can you develop OCD overnight?
  6. (No comments allowed from my husband about me already having OCD.  I don't. *whispered*I don't.)
  7. I think Facebook and Twitter have made me dumber: I can only think in sentences of about 140 characters.
  8. Except when I read Jane Austen, then I feel smart and my sentences are longer and peppered with Victorian language.
  9. I love Jane Austen.
  10. I know it's not Jane Austen but I'm re-reading 'Jane Eyre' and I still love it just as much as the first dozen times.
  11. Michael just got home.
  12. It's 10:53pm.
  13. I had to stop writing so we could fill each other in on our days.
  14. Although there wasn't much to say since we've already spent roughly a cumulative of 40 minutes or so on the phone together during the day.
  15. He calls me whenever he's at Costco getting gas in his truck, just in case we need 400 rolls of toilet paper or a double pack of elephant-sized bags of chips or a 17 lb. bottle of vitamins.
  16. I think this is possibly the most boring blog post I've ever written.
  17. Don't comment on that.
  18. (Michael, this means you, too.  Again.)
  19. Now my husband is waxing philosophical on me and demanding more attention so I have to actually listen and answer questions so I will end this.
  20. But since I'm OCD I can't end on 19.