Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Want You!...to lose some weight!

Michael & I were cracking up over this Malaysian headline found at MALAYSIASUN.COM (click on the link to read the article)

"Malaysian Army Wives Urged to Join Slimming Programme"

This program sounds innocent enough (slimming offers abound at spas here, nearly standard fare along with manicures and pedicures) and a nice perk for the spouse of someone working for the government. However, the article claims that the purpose for creating this program (which is not offered at a commercial spa, but is a unique program specifically targeted at the wives of army officers) was bluntly the unattractiveness of the women. One of the key phrases in the article mentions the women as "unable to catch the attention of their spouses" which said to me that they were having problems with philandering officers and decided (as per usual fare in the muslim community) that it is the fault of the woman for not being attractive enough. So instead of teaching the men self-control or fidelity or any of that mumbo-jumbo, the Malaysian Army officials have decided that the wives need to make changes...by getting makeovers!

My favorite part is that the title of the program (which the article says is a rough translation from Bahasa to English) is "From Fat, Frumpy and Lumpy to Slim, Fashionable and Glamorous." Sign me up, I'm ready to label myself Lumpy! And Michael's favorite quote says that the participating women were "found to be lacking in the area of personal grooming and unable to catch the attention of their spouses"...nothing says "I love you" like a trip to the slimming spa because I think you lack proper grooming habits!!!

If you click over to the article be sure to read the (two) comments at the bottom...they are entirely true and also hilarious (from a politically motivated sense). You're in the Army now...

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