Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll Drink My Avacado, Please

I must start this post by saying how much I generally despise avocados. On rare occasions I can smoosh a teaspoon of guacamole onto a burrito and mix it in with the other ingredients so I can't really tell it's there...but if you try to get me to eat a PLAIN avocado I will probably run away...after I've vomited on your shoes. In Vietnam the word for avocado roughly translates as "butter fruit" and THAT right there is a good reason to lick my own feet before eating one. Just thinking about the mushy, creamy (*gag*), butter-like flesh makes my throat close involuntarily. Agck.

Speaking of avocados and Vietnam...I was introduced to the most amazing creation today. I almost want to put this in all-caps because it's that good. In fact, I think I will...AN AVOCADO SHAKE. Seriously.

I took a day shopping with my friend Anne and while eating at a great Vietnamese restaurant, she offered me a sip of her avocado shake that she'd been drooling about all morning. After politely refusing the shake about 17 times, she refused to take the hint and made me just dip in my spoon and lick it. I agreed to do this for a few reasons:

1- I wasn't actually eating a WHOLE avocado (hence, no mushiness) so I figured I could wash it down quickly with my lime juice.

2- Anne has excellent taste and in my year and a half of knowing her can hardly recall a time she suggested something to me that wasn't absolutely, shopping, beach destinations, you name it...except durian. I don't care how much you love it, Anne, you are WRONG about durian.

3- Since living in Asia I've tried to keep as my mantra a phrase used often by my awesome friend Apryl: You have to try everything at least once. It's helped me have a better experience while living here.

So I dipped my spoon and licked. Then I dipped my spoon again and slurped. Then I dipped it again and I think I might have moaned embarrassingly. (We're friends, so Anne didn't grimace when I did this. The moaning or the double-dipping.) Can you just imagine how wonderful it was? You want a shake to be creamy. Check. You want it to be sweet. Check. You want it to be filling. Check. You want to dream about it until the next time you can have one. Check, check, check. Even after I was filled up from my meal, I ordered a shake of my own for take-away and sipped happily away until I was so full I thought I'd burst. But I would burst happily.

I am dreaming about making my own shake, which is apparently very easy to do. I found a few recipes online and they all basically involve: an avocado, some ice, some sweetened condensed milk, maybe some regular milk, maybe some sugar, and maybe some places put a touch of Hershey's syrup in it. aruaghghgabbbblbll...sorry, let me wipe that drool off my chin. We don't currently own a blender, but I'm thinking this shake might be a good reason to get one. Please go make an avocado shake. I promise you won't be sorry.

(picture found at awesome website that i read Coconut & Lime)


  1. my dad makes avocado shakes regularly. how bout that?!

  2. Okay, I'm game! Looks yummy. But avocados aren't easy to find here. I guess I'll have to look now!