Monday, March 30, 2009

Same & Different

I have a confession to make. A total, white-trash, nervous laugh, embarrassing confession...

I have Christmas lights up in the kitchen.

They've been there since December and can't bring myself to take them down. It's a single string of simple white lights on a white cord, so they're pretty unobtrusive during the day and blend into the background of the tile. But at night, when it gets dark, I turn off the kitchen lights and turn on this little string of magic and I'm instantly transported to a bizarre sort of state-of-perpetual-relaxation where nothing can penetrate my serenity. That silly little string of lights in the dark makes me sigh and smile softly and release my wrinkled brow (that tends to crop up at some point or another during the children's bedtime routine) while I stand mesmerized and tranquil, even if it only lasts about 10 seconds. It's worth the social faux-pas embarrassment to be able to end my day that way.

I just wanted to share that.

And onto to completely unrelated news.
Some small comparisons of my children and why they are different. Or really the same.

This one LOVES the pool.

So does this one.
Well, don't all kids? By the way, there is nothing cuter than a baby's chubby little tummy sticking out in a swimsuit.

This one LOVES being outside but HATES the grass.

This one couldn't care less about grass, dirt, sand, long as he can play ball.

This one LOVES playing with everyone's shoes. Wow, I REALLY need to shave my legs. (Haha! Just kidding! That's Michael's leg. But for those that really know me, you believed that for a second, didn't you?)

Oh, wait, this one loves to play with shoes too! Yes, those are my heels for church. And a stocking footie. (And yes, Michael is appalled with this picture.)

They BOTH love to play and/or eat in this little cupboard that I've left bare in the kitchen exactly for this purpose. Little peas in a pod...

And since this has been a string of totally random, unrelated posts, let's end on something completely different. It's...THE MYSTERY MEAT OF THE DAY!!!!

We went out with friend's this weekend and ordered this dish for everyone to share. It's pretty covered with scallions and a few huge strips of ginger (mmmm...) but would anyone care to guess what kind of meat it is??? I'll give you a hint: it's not chicken, beef or pork. And it was actually quite delicious. OK, those aren't really good hints, but they narrow it down a bit for you.
I would love to hear your guesses, although I don't think anyone would get it. In fact, I'm so confident that I'll give a prize to anyone who guesses right. Let's hear it, any ideas???


  1. is it turtle meat? or turkey?

  2. they even have turkeys in malaysia? i'm going with turtle meat. final answer.

  3. I have these rope christmas lights that I put up in my living room one year and liked them so much I left them all year. They were the perfect dim lighting and since they were white I convinced myself it was okay.

  4. Ooo! Is it snake?

    :snicker: I had to type "suckwarz" to prove I'm human.

  5. I am thinking eel or snake. Possibly dog. I hope you let us know soon.

  6. AMY: both answers. oooh, i just narrowed it down even more.

    SOUL-FUSION: i LOVE the dim lighting excuse. now i'm thinking i need some in my bedroom.

    MARY CATE: nope, not snake.

    MATT & ALISSA: not eel. or dog. see how i did that, another double answer that narrowed it down?

    doesn't matter...i think i'm safe, no one will ever guess!!!

  7. in my roommate and my bedroom right now we have christmas lights up because our light was out for a long time...we have a new bulb now, but keep the christmas lights...i love sitting in our bedroom with just the christmas lights and my stain-glass lamp....i have a weird obsession with cool lamps...not just cause they look cool, but because they provide the the right amount of light for me to wind down at the end of the day...

  8. AFRICAN SNOW: sorry, no on both accounts again. look at that, people are even cheating with 2 guesses and still can't get it! (granted, there are a LOT of animals in the world.) *grin*

  9. Is it by chance the furry little civet thing animal in your next blog entry? heh heh... Oh dear, I guess my real guess would have to The only problem is is that the meat looks too light to be horse. Okay Okay, my guess is...monkey. :)

  10. haha...that's funny, i didn't even think about those 2 posts being back-to-back. :) no, it's not civet, horse or monkey. boo-yah!

  11. I feel so relieved by those of you who have bared your soul and admitted your own trailer-trash obsession with your year-round Christmas lights. We are not alone!

  12. Maybe its seafood. Could it be snail, by any chance?

  13. I'm going to cheat and give two guesses also (I couldn't decide between the two) bat or squirrel?

  14. HEATHER: oooh, not snail. nice guess.
    BECCA: shame on you giving 2's not either. the BAT guess makes me laugh though because i WISH i would love to get rid of the bats that poop all over my porch at night. i don't know if i'd resort to eating them though...

  15. p.s. this is kinda fun. should i let it keep going until someone gets it? or should i just let it go through the weekend and then relieve your suspense and just identify it for you?

  16. I use to have blue christmas lights up in my room all the time. christmas lights really are magic in the way they can calm you down. i finally had christmas trees (yes trees) this year in my apartment and my electril bill was so inexpensive because those were the only lights i used most of the time. LOVE THEM! as far as your mystery meat goes...ostrich...or some combination of different gyro meat (lamb and beef).

  17. Jens guesses crocodile.

  18. BROOKE: Nope to the ostrich and a double Nope for the meat combo. Although a yummy kabab (or gyro) sounds awesome right now!