Sunday, April 05, 2009


We have a winner folks!!!!

I always suspected it, but now it is confirmed that Jens is the smartest person I know.

(Picture found here)

That's right, just as I was about the reveal the secret ingredient (aka: mystery meat from the last post) he swooped in a guessed CROCODILE!!! That's right, we ate crocodile and I must say it was nothing spectacular. We sort of compared it to eating tough/slightly chewy chicken, but it was also smothered in ginger and I think it's hard to go wrong with a dish smothered in ginger. I'd probably eat a big bowl of rubberbands if there was enough ginger. And garlic. You can also never have too much garlic.

When we first tried to get John to "try the crocodile" he wouldn't even go near the stuff (imagine that), but after Michael convinced him it was really "just chicken" he ate a quarter of the plate. Even after revealing the mystery meat's true identity he kept happily munching away. Now when we ask, "do you remember when we ate crocodile?" he gets this glint in his eye and says "yeah, that was yummy! let's do that AGAIN!!!"

So was my assessment wrong? I assumed that no one I knew had eaten crocodile before, but I may be off. I mean my parents live in Africa and several of my friends/family members have served missions in Japan and they eat some FUNKY stuff. So proudly proclaim if you've eaten crocodile before! Or see if you can trump it with something more exotic. Or bizarre. Or just downright disgusting.

Oh, and last but not least, I am a woman of my word and I meant it that I would send something to the Jens you can expect a mystery present from Malaysia in the next few weeks. Only thing is, I won't be mailing it. I will be hand-delivering it to your door. See you soon.
(heh-heh, you like how i just threw that in there? you weren't expecting that were you? we're all about keeping you on your toes on this blog.)


  1. I heard a rumor, Erin--is it true? Is your ex-pat adventure coming to an end?

  2. ARE YOU COMING HOME?!?!?!?!? can I start to get excited yet???

  3. Thank you Erin for crediting me to be the smartest person you know. If you need some explanation on the theory of relativity or nuclear fusion, just call me. I am very excited to see the grand prize you will be delivering to my door. I might even invite you in when you come. heh heh!
    But really, you don't need to bring will just be fun to have you visit!!! We can't wait!