Monday, April 20, 2009

HAPPY EASTER!!! (Wearing their new Easter clothes from Aunt Cathy!) We can hardly tear them away from church on Sunday because they're having so much fun with their friends.

So the day after Easter we decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Melaka, which is a historically rich & colorful city. It's only about a 40-minute drive away so we thought we'd just spend an hour or two and then drive home. Instead we were there basically ALL DAY (which was only a bad idea because we didn't come prepared with sunblock and were walking around all afternoon with clear skies...ouch) and we loved it! Here's a short summary of our day.
We played for a bit at this fountain...

... which is in front of this famous church.

We got to walk around on this cool boat (they made us take our shoes off and it felt wonderfully refreshing to walk barefoot on the cool planks inside the hull after nearly boiling to death in the heat outside).

Everyone was very happy to be here.

SO very, very happy.

Although things started looking up once there were "big guns" introduced into the festivities.

Such a good, sunburnt time was had by all. We drove MUCH slower on the ride home to ensure maximum nap time was given to all participants (including mommy).

Or maybe there's something in the water...looks like this guy was drinking it.

And now, to end with an unrelated anecdote...

Occasionally John will come into our room in the morning and play quietly for a while before climbing into bed and demanding breakfast, which means that Michael and I are still asleep while he does this. He also knows how to use the camera-- turn it on, point & shoot. And quite often he's actually pretty good at it. After downloading pictures from my camera to the computer, we were going through the scenes from the last month and were surprised by this image:

This is the picture of two completely oblivious, unconscious parents being used for photography practice. That is the kind of devoted, attentive care I give to my children. What can I say? They deserve the very best.
His attention to centering and lighting is quite impressive for a 3 year old. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, he also took this one:

Hmmm...maybe he needs to keep practicing.

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  1. What a beautiful family and such a witty writer. The picture of the old man almost made me spit coffee onto my keyboard.