Wednesday, October 29, 2008

there is a time to dance

oh. my. heck.
have you seen THIS??!!!!!
and look who's slated to play maverick Ren McCormack.
you can admit that he's cute, it's ok.
all i know is they better be filming at the lehi flour mill.
and kevin bacon better put in a cameo.
everybody cut footlose.


  1. What?!?!? Isn't that the High School Musical kid? What a travesty. No one, and I mean no one can replace Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormack. Mmmm, I've always liked a bit of Bacon...

  2. I am interested to see how this goes...maybe they could remake Grease...oh wait...HMS triology did that :) The ONLY way to introduce Footloose to a new generation is to MAKE THEM WATCH THE ORIGINAL!!!