Saturday, October 18, 2008

so much world, so little time...

visited 22 states (9.77%)
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I found this map on another KL expat website (HERE) and realized HOW MUCH OF THE WORLD I STILL NEED TO SEE!!! It's ridiculous that we are SO close to these countries and haven't been. Of course it's not like we have unlimited resources. And it's not like we don't have two adorable children who occasionally like to scream for no earthly reason, making it particularly exciting to take them to public places like airports, and who also require copious amounts of luggage. And it's not like Michael doesn't work 24/7 with hardly any time to spare to hang out with us much less go galivanting around Asia. But other than that there is no reason we haven't been more places. And to be fair, I clicked on places where Michael & I have been separately as well as together, just to increase our percentage of countries visited. What I would love to see is a map like this of the places my parents have been...that would be a nice, colorful map. Maybe when we're their age our map will be more red...

I don't really ask much, maybe just a little red in each major world region. A trip around the world should do the trick. Anyone takers...???

OK, next, we had an emergency preparedness day for our branch so we all met up at the church with our 72-hr. kits to see if we could survive for the day. Yeah, we were really roughing it.

Some of the other participants, setting up camp around the perimeter of the church. I wonder what the neighbors thought...

I never really think we'll end up needing to use this emergency preparedness stuff while we're here, but if people keep saying things like THIS we may end up with race riots on our hands, in which case people would be wise to stay indoors for a while. Good thing we'll be out of KL and living more of the country life. I know things can get ugly with elections in the states, but I am always grateful our country was founded with "certain inalienable rights" in mind that protect us from this kind of tyranny. I guess it would be one thing if the "ruling" power here was actually founded on true and virtuous principles...let's just pray that it won't come to the point in the States where "the voice of the people doth choose iniquity" rather than good. Go Proposition 8.

On a different note...
My little Hell's Angel. aawwwwww... And her daddy, looking handsome, as always. Sorry, ladies. He's taken. This was the day we took a trip out to see if we wanted to rent a new house (YES, PLEASE!!!) and if you look closely, you can see the fence of the house out the back window of the car. That's all the sneak preview you get until November.

Oh, and just to be fair, we had to get John with the helmet too.

And one more of Emily because OH MY GOODNESS SHE IS JUST BEAUTIFUL.

Also she is fast becoming a little stinker. Within a WEEK of learning to crawl she was pulling herself into a standing position at the coffee table and walking along the length of it, and of course eating everything within sight sitting on said she supposed to do that so fast? Aren't there supposed to be like months in between big developments? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY LITTLE BABY I DON'T WANT A TODDLER YET!!! Well, at least she still likes to cuddle.


  1. I love the pics! It looks like fun!!!! Thank you so much for the b-day card. We had a fun day bowling and pizza! Yeah. Hope to see you soon! Love ya, Min

  2. I love all the pictures and to see John wears the Buzz Lightyear shirt. Hopefully it doesn't drive you guys crazy or the battery has died :)

    I might be biased, but I think my niece and nephew are simply beautiful and wish I got to spend more time with them!

    Love and miss you guys!!!!