Sunday, October 12, 2008

random stuff for today

(Sidenote: my old roommates and i used the word "random" so much, thanks to apryl!, that we made up our own sign language sign so we could do it without other people knowing what we were saying. yeah, we were really cool in college).

OK, first, I would like to declare my love for all things youtube, and second I thought I'd share a clip I found of Diana Krall singing "A Case of You" that I fell madly in love with at her concert. I think this is actually a performance in Paris, but you get the idea.

*sighhhhhhh* it's so haunting i could listen to it all day...

Second, thanks to Alissa for nominating me for some kind of blog award. I know they're as common as fruit flies at a Malaysian market but it still gives me warm fuzzies that she loves me.

Last, my friend Tracy tagged me for a *quirky* post so here's how it goes:
- Link to the person who tagged you (check)
- Mention the rules on your blog (in the process of checking)
- Tell about 6 personal quirks
- Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
- Leave a comment to let them know

So here's some quirky stuff you may or may not know about me...

1. I am obsessed with plucking. Just ask anyone who has lived with me. (yes, lisa, i still the way, i blame casey. she introduced me to it in high school and i've never been able to quit. you should pay for my recovery, case.)

2. I like to know the exact definitions of things so I know I'm using them correctly and in context. I even looked up "quirky" before doing this post. Yes, I am a nerd. Also, is my friend.

3. If I am dancing anywhere near a mirror, I have to watch myself in it. Mostly to verify just exactly how big of a dork I am making of myself. I only realized this recently when I noticed John watching himself dancing and I realized he had seen me do it.

4. I can eat a whole 9x13 pan of Gooey Bars in a day. That's not really a quirky thing about me, just something I did this week that I'm slightly ashamed/proud of.

5. If I could only eat one item of food for the rest of my life...right now I'd say Mango Sticky Rice. That's what I had for lunch. My addiction is getting out of control. Someone please send help.

6. (This one is Michael's contribution that he thinks is hilarious) I make up nonsense phrases to insert into my vocabulary when I get frustrated and feel like cursing but don't really want to swear... his personal favorite is "sheesh-a-lu!"

OK, so there's the fulfillment of my tag. I now have to tag 6 other people:
Mitzi (yes, this means you'll have to do more than ONE post on your blog)
Honestly, I don't really expect anyone tagged to have to do this, but it's sort of like a modern-day chain letter and I'm afraid I'll develop warts or something if I don't fulfill it, so now I wash my hands of it and leave the warts to 6 others. Cheers.

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