Tuesday, September 09, 2008

happy day you got birthed

It's my hubby's birthday today, although, as he likes to point out he was born in the States so technically tomorrow is his birthday too, so he should get to do whatever he wants both days... but that's fine with me because it gives me another day to spoil him. Really I want to do it all the time but he doesn't give me as many opportunities as I'd like. That's what I get for marrying an "old" bachelor set in his ways. heh-heh. He'll probably be so embarrassed and slightly ticked that I'm writing this but that's too bad because I'm an adult and it's my blog and I'll write what I want. So neener, neener. Anyway...I've been thinking a lot lately about paths in life, small & not-so-small decisions that we make every day that set the course we'll take in the future. Which college you go to, what apartment you live in, the job you take, all influence the people you'll meet and the places you'll go and the things that will influence your future choices. In one case it was my parent's move up north, away from their best friends and their favorite neighborhood, not entirely knowing why but feeling it was important. After a while my mom was still confused why they moved and so had determined it must be because I was going to meet my husband there. Huh. Right mom, sure. I'll get right on that. But, as is usually the case, my mom was right. Not that they moved there so I could meet my husband, but it certainly turned out to be a perk.

My mom always said, "Your father tells me all the time to follow my passion...and so I just follow him everywhere he goes." I have to admit that even after 4 short years, Michael has become my life and I follow him wherever he goes. Literally. I mean, why else would I be living in Malaysia, for crying out loud. Seriously. But I will follow him to the end of the earth and back as long as it means I will be with him, always. He has given me two of the most beautiful children in the history of the world, he has given us the adventure of a lifetime, and he has given us himself. I knew before we were ever engaged that Michael would be the most dedicated father and that no one would have a dad who loved them more than my own kids and that alone could have sealed the deal for me. Then add to that package someone who totally makes my day when he laughs, who makes me swoon when he kisses me, who finds ways to make me happy just because he can, who is, quite frankly, dreamy to look at, and to top it all off is crazy about me. Go figure. So here's to random as well as guided choices, here's to adventure, here's to true love, here's to working your butt off to make it work, and here's to being "on the downward slope to forty." (wink) I love you sweetheart. You better live until you're 100 or I'll be so mad at you I'll be climbing the drapes. Happy day you were birthed.

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  1. "...because I'm an adult..." except for when you're hanging out with me!!!! :) I love you tons and miss you tons - your mom rocks (I love that woman)- and I am so grateful you moved up north. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Michael.