Monday, September 15, 2008

check this out

My friend Anne sent me the link to her friend's cake design website. Her name is Peachy Juban and she runs a cake shop in the Philippines. I am, once again, totally in awe and only mostly completely and totally jealous of another person's visually artistic abilities. The cake lanterns are to DIE for.

Also, a belated HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL to everyone. The Chinese celebrated Mooncake day this weekend and I actually made myself a pretty little mooncake but, of course, forgot my camera and was forced to take pictures with my cell phone instead. They are crummy pictures but I was going to post them anyway, but my comptuer decided to be ridiculous and won't load the driver software so I can move them from my phone. Stupid Windows Vista. So you'll have to trust me, it was cool. There was red bean paste and green, pandan lotus paste and melon seeds and it was basically just a good time. Just imagine an entire holiday dedicated to fruitcake, add a few legends about the sun and immortality, and you've got the basic idea of Mooncake Day. John kept hearing me talk about "cake" and of course wanted to try some but after just a touch on the tongue was disgusted and wouldn't even look at it anymore. We Americans are such snobs about sweets. I enjoyed it immensely. Here are the pictures I took with my normal camera when I got home.

(note to self: do NOT take pictures of myself without makeup ever again.)
(also, note to everyone: see how the last picture shows it cut into small pieces? this is the ONLY way to eat a mooncake. remember my comparison to fruitcake? imagine what would happen to your body if you ate a whole fruitcake at once. i rest my case.)

Other exciting developments that I will possibly post pictures of later: John wearing big-boy-underpants for the first time and Emily trying both mango & papaya. It's been an adventurous week in the Weist casa.

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