Thursday, September 25, 2008


somehow i forgot to mention that miss-em is now crawling. yes, i'm a horrible mother who doesn't document things properly. i'm sure it will cause her to develop some major psychosis because her older brother has 375 pictures for every 2-week interval for the first year of his life and she gets one snapped every few days when i happen to think about it. i'll start saving for her therapy bills now. however, in my defense her crawling is somewhat ambiguous and almost imperceptible. one minute she's sitting up chewing on her bouncy ball and the next she's prone on the floor, facing the other direction, approximately 1.5 feet away from where she began. if you watch her closely you can sometimes see some knee action but mostly she just does this "swimmer's crawl" where she pulls herself along by her arms while her legs hang limp behind her. that's right, my baby girl has got some mad guns and she will totally kick all the boy's butts on the playground. don't mess with ern jr.

(wha? ok, just re-read my post and i'm not sure this made any sense as it is after 10:00 and that is what we tired, old ladies like to call "way past bedtime" although i may be tempted to stay awake anyway and watch old episodes of "pushing daisies". thank you, laural, for putting me onto this show! in another life, when i'm done being spit-up on all the time, i will be chuck. not that i will be killed on a cruise ship and then brought back to life by a boyishly-handsome pie maker named ned...just that i want her hair and clothes, that's all. over & out.)


  1. I can't believe our sweet baby is crawling!!!!! What does John think of that? I can just picture him saying "Emily is crawling like John did!!" I love how he calls himself"John"

  2. Nikki1:42 PM

    btw...I got to see your mom in church today. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her, 'cause I would want you to do that for me if you saw my mom. Love you!