Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Inspirations

Today my cousin Wendy taught our Relief Society lesson and it was about...well, Relief Society. You know, the usual bit about its organization, how it works, what the purpose is, etc. It's a great lesson to have and I love hearing about it cause I love Relief Society, I really do. But here's the kicker. I've heard a thousand times about how the whole thing started because of women who wanted to help with work on the Nauvoo Temple. They started sewing shirts for the men, started getting organized, turned to Joseph Smith...and voila, the Lord turns around and thanks them for their efforts by sanctioning an official women's organization. OK, I knew that part. But for some reason the thing that stood out to me today was the fact that the WHOLE entire was started by two women. TWO. One woman and her seamstress decided to help out, they got some other women to help, and apparently it snowballed from there because the Relief Society is often touted as the largest women's organization in the world today.

It was so inspiring to me to think that two women with some determination and desire to serve could make such a world-changing difference for good. I wonder what change for good I will make in the world.

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