Wednesday, December 31, 2008

christmas 2008

We have WAY too many pictures of present-opening on Christmas Day, but the big pile-o-pictures should give you and idea of the carnage and mayhem that filled our morning. (If you click on the collage you should be able to see the pictures enlarged. Just don't look too closely at my manky, pre-shower morning hair.)

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The little picture on the top right shows my favorite present for Emily...a GIANT stuffed pig. I think I will use it more than she will. It's a great cuddle pillow.

Then we have obligatory Christmas Day pictures of the kids...John being NOT excited to have his picture taken.

And Emily being excited about EVERYTHING because she was eating at the time. Seriously, this girl can EAT. People are in awe at how much she can pack away and still be begging for more. She's also quite adventurous. She eats curries, pandan sweets (a floral-type flavoring for foods), Chinese dream it up and she'll stick it in her mouth. Oh, unless it's banana. What kind of kid doesn't like banana? My kid.

Ah, here's a more cooperative picture of John. These are his new Sunday duds from G&G Weist. He was SO excited to wear this and didn't want to wait until Sunday. Finally it came and he said "can I wear my tie????" I can't imagine we'll be hearing that phrase for too many more years.

Michael took this picture of me and made me promise to post it. If you look closely you can see the perfectly circular hickey smack-dab on the middle of my forehead. Let's just say I learned why you should never let your children play with suction cups on your face. By the way, that lasted for about 6 days. Nice.

My chronology is off here because this is actually a picture of our Christmas EVE dinner. We really like having the awesome variety of ethnic foods around and have decided the best way to make memories is go out for something fun when we celebrate holidays. It felt a little bit like "A Christmas Story" when they go out for Chinese food. Except that it's Indian food, served on banana leaves and we get to eat everything with our hands. This is our favorite thing to do with visitors when they come. You get a wide variety of tastes because there are 5 or 6 little dishes to eat with your rice. Our favorite one is some sort of pumpkin/squash creation. I think Emily ate all of mine. Guess I need to learn how to make it.
We also had naan, roti canai & tandoor chicken. mmmm.....i'm drooling just thinking about it.

I took one of Michael with the kids at Christmas Eve dinner, but it turned out I'll post this one instead and you can see what a handsome man my husband is at the end of 2-0-0-8.

John showing off another new shirt. Oh, and the guns he got. Two guesses who bought him THOSE...and if it takes you more than one guess...

This chair was technically for John (to put in his room) but they both love it so much it has ended up being sort of common property. Emily will scream at you if you try to take her out of it.

awwww...look at me! i'm almost one!!!



  1. What are you doing wearing a hoodie on Christmas morning? Hello isn't it HOT in Malaysia? I know in West Africa nobody was wearing a hoodie on Christmad day!

  2. Such fun pictures from Christmas! I can't believe how big Emily is getting. Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  3. Awesome Eve dinner! We went for Chinese on Thanksgiving! LOL

    Glad to see you posted your "Indian spot" pic. So cute! And I thought you were getting into authenticity for the wedding we went to!!

    BTW - you need to post the Chinese wedding pics so I can link to you!

  4. your family is so cute!! And it looks like your kids had a good christmas

  5. Erin! How come it won't let me follow your blog? There is no where to click to follow it. Hummm.

  6. oh good! It's working now. That option wasn't even there the other day when I was visiting your blog. strange. All is well now! :)

  7. Oh I just want to squeeze those kids! They make me smile. Looks like Christmas was great! Love and miss you.