Monday, December 01, 2008


This year has been exceptionally drier than last year. Last year it predictably rained every afternoon. EVERY afternoon. I would find myself itching for the warm rays, the sunny, blue skies in the morning, anticipating John waking up from his nap so we could go to the pool (you can't swim in the morning unless you're a have to wait until the sun has warmed up the water) and invevitably by the time he arose the skies would be black and there would be a torrential downpour usually lasting the next several hours. I like rain as much as the next gal but when you are stuck in a small apartment day in & day out it starts to wear a little thin. That is why we are extremely grateful to be having a dry year. It has still been raining plenty (as evidenced by the new one-inch hole that just developed in John's bedroom ceiling and has the tendency to drip continuously when it rains) but the rain has been significantly less than last year, plus we have a larger home so even if we are stuck inside all day we can spread out and not want to kill each other all afternoon.

Honestly I am really not going anywhere with this I think I really just wanted to say that the weather is nice and we hope you're not freezing wherever you are (except my mom & dad, who I KNOW aren't freezing where they are.)

So anyhoo...we had an awesome Thanksgiving with good friends and wonderful American food. Our friend Michelle managed to find & cook a fabulous turkey & I made 2 pumpkin pies, one Libby's & one from scratch. The fresh one was a big hit with the Asians (they don't like the "creamy" texture of traditional pumpkin pie) so it was worth it. I think I might make another one for Christmas. I can buy a small pumpkin for about $2 so it's cheap & easy. We also decided it was finally time to take another family picture. The last one we took was in March so Emily was all of 2months old. She looks a little different now.

And just for kicks, here is one of John & his fellow nursery kids at church last Sunday. I love how at home he looks with his shoes kicked off & that little smirk that says "yeah, I own this place."


  1. I love John's smirk too! Auraura (sp?) in the back is a typical shot too!
    Congrats on your pies! Share with me the recipe!

  2. Cute kids! And your house is beautiful and I am so happy that you kids can stretch out a little. :)