Friday, January 23, 2009


I was tagged by my sweet s-i-l Min for a "bugged" tag, so I get to vent about 10 things that "bug" me. I'm kinda' grumpy this morning, so this should be cathartic.

  1. Ants in my kitchen. Well, ants anywhere, for that matter. (funny, considering the picture that goes with this post)

  2. Dust bunnies on the floor - especially after I've just swept it!!

  3. Inconsiderate drivers (i.e. don't let people merge, don't signal, take 2 parking spots...)

  4. My husband leaving his clothes on the floor. (Ahem! But I still love you, sweetie.)

  5. Grown women who gossip. Seriously, grow up.

  6. People who smoke. You smell. Bad.

  7. The fact that I can't find the battery charger for the video camera when we just used it 2 weeks ago.

  8. The love-fest for Obama going on in the States. He's not the Messiah, people.

  9. Strangers who try to hold my kids in public. In know it's cute, but it's mine. Just because I like your purse doesn't mean I'm going to pick it up and walk around to see how it looks on my arm. And this is my KID. I like it more than you like your purse.

  10. My "clean" clothes coming out of the washing machine with tiny blobs of leaves/mud all over them.

OK, not surprisingly, I don't feel better. I think I need to counteract that with a "not-bugged" post...or maybe we could call it 10 Things That Make Me "Buzz" With Delight...or something.

  1. Playing peek-a-boo with my one year old. Especially when she does it upside-down between her legs.

  2. Wrestling with my kids.

  3. Wrestling with my husband.(Especially when he lets me win.)

  4. The fact that I can do 10 push-ups without breaking a sweat.

  5. Having a house. And a yard. And a blow-up pool.

  6. Books to read on my nightstand.

  7. Listening to my 2 year old sing "I Am A Child of God" or "Families Can Be Together Forever" to himself.

  8. Wearing sandals 365 days a year.

  9. Making up "green ball" stories for bedtime.

  10. Fresh mangoes all the time.

OK, I feel better, I need to go play with my kids now. I highly recommend making a list of your own! (Whichever one will make you feel better.)


  1. I have to agree with #8 on your "bugged"'s sooooo nauseating! I love the fact that you counteracted with a list of things you love. I'm afraid I'd have to do my bugged list in private b/c it might offend some people.

  2. Totally agree with you on your bug and not bug list! We are rooting for you on the dream job! We love you Emily and Happy Birthday Baby!