Sunday, May 18, 2008

living the cheap life

So I was reminded another few reasons I love living in Malaysia when Michael's mom & I took the kids downtown to the mall this weekend. Michael's family has been visiting and everyone else went to Vietnam but SOMEBODY didn't want his children gallivanting around a "dangerous" country (phbbt...dangerous shmangerous) so anyway Margaret & I hung out here for the weekend. There is a toll road by our house that connects from our street right to the underground parking of the KLCC mall at the base of the famous Petronas Towers. pay the toll BOTH ways and park for about 2 hours (remember this is absolutely the most popular downtown mall) cost us 8 Ringgit, which is less than $3 US. Not a bad deal for an evening out on the town. Also eating at the food court in the mall, which has everything ranging from local laksa (spicy noodle soup) to sushi to Indian to Thai, is good times as well. This time I opted for the Pad Thai and some bottled water and it cost me less than $4. Not bad, considering it is actually GOOD food and not what you'd usually equate with food court fare.

Still, I'm excited to get some really authentic Pad Thai when we go to Thailand later this week. Mmmm...and some sticky rice with mango, and some pineapple rice, and LOTS of pineapple juice, and BACON! (We relish visiting non-Muslim countries because we can actually eat real pork!) Looking forward to another few glorious days at the beach and hopefully some more scuba diving. We'll post pictures of that next week when we get back.

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