Tuesday, May 06, 2008

foreign language lessons

Yesterday John & I were practicing his alphabet on the computer, when suddenly he jumped up and started shouting "pih!" "pih!" We're usually pretty good at deciphering his jabbering but occasionally it takes a while to catch on.

Me: What?
J: (excited) pih!
Me: Pih? What's pih?
J: (frustrated now) Mommy, pih!
Me: Ok, John can you show me?
J: (grabs my finger and pulls me off couch) pih!
(we walk together to the middle of the room, he drops my finger and starts twirling around)
Me: Oh, you want to SPIN!
J: (excited again) pih! pih!!
(we spin in circles for 3 or 4 minutes until we are too dizzy and giggly to do any more)

This, I think, is why I became a mother.

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