Monday, April 28, 2008

happy asian birthday to me

Michael got me the COOLEST present for my birthday, so I had to take a picture. These are my cool new earrings from Tradewind Treasures

They are made with porcelain shards that have been found in shipwrecks throughout the South China Sea. The certificate they come with boasts they are sourced from a company that is "working closely with the Malaysian Department of Museums & Antiquities to map, research and excavate shipwreck sites in Malaysian waters." These particular ones were made from 17th Century Ming porcelain recovered from the Wanli Shipwrick circa 1625. Does he know how to spoil a girl, or what?
Oh, he also took me to get my feet eaten by fish. Seriously. It was awesome. And freaky. But mostly awesome.

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  1. I was thinking about all day yesterday, how if you lived in the states i'd welcome you into the last age that starts w/a 2. from what i hear, it's all downhill once you hit 30. maybe michael can offer some insight into that...just kidding! i love you, mike!

    the earrings are beautiful, and i'm all for the writing blog, as long as your first entry is about flesh-eathing fish...

    i miss you, ern!!!!