Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exercise & Music

Michael & I competed in a few runs & triathlons when we were dating and then newly married, but after our first child things sort of fizzled out and we both got completely out of shape. Thanks to a physical where Michael found out he had fairly high cholesterol for his age, the subject of getting into shape became something of interest in our home again. Thus, a few weeks ago we registered for the Herriman Black Ridge Triathlon to be held at the end of July. We've both eased ourselves slowly into training again, but after a comment made by our son last week things have been kicked into high gear. We were talking about the race and John piped up and said to his daddy, "I bet mommy will beat you."

Wooo-hoohooohoooho, did I get a kick out of that. Good to know where mom stands. Daddy also thought it was hilarious, but more in a challenge sort of way. I believe his exact words were:

"Oh, it is on. It is on."

So now we're fighting over whose turn it is to go to the gym at night ("you went last" "no, you went last" "no, you got to go twice last week") or at least that's how it sounds in my head. I'm itching to train every night, increase my running times, actually get ON a bike (probably important at some point, right?) and increase stamina while swimming. I've already dramatically improved my running time (although, it's hard to do anything else with a 16-minute mile) but still have miles to go. So my question is for anyone out there who has done any sort of training or even an exercise regimen...how in the world do you do this with 3 little kids? The only way we can swing it now is to take turns going at night after the kids are in bed, so we each get a turn every other night. Is there anything else that works for anyone else?

The kids are into it as well. I started them in a little tumbling class today that lasts for a few weeks and they had a blast learning to somersault and back-bend and cartwheel and balance. I was surprised how much they learned after one class, so we'll see how they're doing in another 2 weeks.

In other news, I'm thinking it's about time to start up piano lessons again. Sometimes it scares me to death because I'm not trained in pedagogy (teaching) and just knowing how to play and knowing how to teach are two different things. On the other hand I know I'm a capable teacher and I love watching kids progress through steps of learning and seeing them accomplish things. I am passionate about piano and I've had amazing teachers myself, so I hope that in some way the passionate part is contagious to my students and that I can channel some of the great things I learned as a student myself. I'm also remembering that I have to continually challenge myself on the piano and be an eternal student as well so I don't lose what I worked all of those years to gain. It has been a miracle having a piano in my home again after so long (thank you to Sean & Min for storing it the last few months and to mom & dad for taking care of it those couple of years while we went gallivanting around the world) but I hope I don't ever have to part with it again!

So anyone in this area let me know if you're interested in piano lessons this summer, for yourself or your kids...I'm thinking Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, probably morning, but I'm flexible. I will take all skill levels, but if you're seriously advanced (like trying to get a music scholarship) I will recommend a few teachers who are better equipped than myself. I also take all ages so don't be shy if you are middle-aged and always wanted to learn to play the piano...I promise by the end of summer you will!

(It's 10:00 and Michael is still working out. Dang! He's going to be ahead of me, I'll need to get a really good session in. Tomorrow is my turn!)


  1. Hey Erin, I think it's exciting for you guys to be doing a tri! My husband does them and loves them! Our oldest son participated in his first tri last year. It was so rewarding to see him have that experience.I stick to running myself. Exercising with the little ones is SO HARD. I have a friend who takes her kids to the church parking lot. She keeps her youngest in the stroller and the other two get to ride bikes, big wheels. So, she runs for time instead of distance. So if she runs a 10 minute mile and wants to run a 3 mile run she will run for 30 minutes. You could also do weights (try some yoga poses [you can find them online] if you don't have weights at home)and calisthenics in your backyard. Or trade with a friend could help too. Keep it up and one day your kiddos will be doing it with you. yesterday my other son went running with me and told me he wants to do a tri too! it's a whole family experience. =) My youngest, my only girl, turned 5 yesterday and the only reason this makes me the tiniest bit happy is that she will go to school and I can use that time to exercise at the gym. Otherwise, my heart aches that she will be gone.

    I'm on team "Mommy will win." Sorry Mike. =)

  2. That is the question--how do people train with children??? I blame my children for my current lack of athleticism. I'm planning for you to teach Portia piano in the future (What do you think? First grade a good time to start?). Good luck with the training!

  3. haha, thanks for the vote of confidence, tiercy! that's a good idea about time-training instead of distance when i'm considering the needs of little ones. i also can't WAIT until our kids are old enough to do races with us!