Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Saturday

This has been the best day. Ever.
The kids let us stay in bed until 7am and then Michael got up with them and played "big boy" games (translation: first-player shooter/airplane flying computer games) while I slept another half hour. I finally got up at 7:30 to feed David after he'd slept 10 HOURS last night. FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS WEEK. Yes, it's true, I have the best baby on the entire planet. No offense to anybody else with babies, but it's true.

Then, my awesome hubby took the two older goobers for an outing so I could stay home and relax and play with the baby some more. They got back for lunch and we danced to our favorite "Chuck" soundtrack while I made grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously, there are few things that are quite as awesome as dancing with my family. Some current favorites include:
  • Step in Time (Mary Poppins)
  • Old Bamboo (Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang)
  • various Sesame street songs/videos on youtube
  • Sesame Street alphabet songs
  • basically any Pop songs on the radio
  • Bee-Gees' Stayin Alive (thanks Apryl!)
  • my "rock" station on Pandora (includes Eagles, Journey, U2 & Keane)
  • our favorite songs from the TV show "Chuck"
  • oh, and Fisher Price versions of "Row Your Boat" & "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Can you spot the ones that might have been influenced by the adults in the house? I like a good old fashioned Disney musical as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just have to mix it up a little.

Now I'm working on some desserts for our family gathering tomorrow (we're finally doing the baby blessing...he's only 4 months old, I guess better late than never) and dessert-making is probably on my top 10 list of favorite things to do. I routinely scour foodie blogs for dessert ideas, although for this one I fell back to an old favorite that my mom used to make that's a chocolate pudding/whipped topping/layer deal. With nuts. Yum. And I'm just getting started--that's just dessert #1. How many do you think is too many? With 12 adults and 13 kids (ages 2-tween) I'm thinking there's no such thing as too much dessert. Maybe we'll throw some fruit in there, just to keep the sugar level from rising too high. Honestly, we have NO room in this house to host that many people (it's supposed to rain tomorrow, but maybe we could boot the kids outside to go play in the rain! Kids like rain, right?) but I love my familia and think any excuse to see them all is a good excuse, even if we are jammed in like sardines.

So besides the pudding goodness I'm thinking Better Than Sex Cake, which I haven't had in ages and, although I think it's inaptly named, it's still pretty darn good. Hmm. Maybe Pretty Darn Good Cake would make a nice name alternative. Anyway, after that I'm open to ideas. If you could pick anything for dessert what would it be? Some type of cookie? Or do you prefer cupcakes? Maybe something rich and creamy, like cheesecake? Cold--ice creams, shakes, frozen pies? I need at least one more idea and I have until tonight to get any necessary ingredients. Better yet, if you have links to sites with good dessert recipes I will be your friend for life!

(And since my life has been consumed by food lately, I plan on posting a pizza sauce recipe later that is to die for. Seriously, I wanted to marry it. Or eat the whole thing with a spoon, whichever would have been more feasible. Either way, you MUST make the pizza sauce, and soon. Your life will never be the same. Which, strangely enough, is what I told my husband about my cheese slicer. Actually, I think my words were something along the lines of "my life being devoid of meaning" before I got my cheese slicer. But now it is complete. I have a cheese slicer AND the perfect pizza sauce recipe. And two of my children are asleep. Aaaaaannnd...I'm going to take a nap. Best. Day. Ever.)


  1. Strawberries are cheap now so I am thinking shortcake. I just bought some and I think I can put it together for you if you have whip cream cause I don't and I do not want to got back to the store today.

  2. That does sound like a pretty sweet day. You are one lucky woman.

  3. So, what did you make? I'm throwing a bridal shower in a few weeks and I am totally living for the desserts. Making desserts ranks on my top 10 too. How many is too many? haha. I was thinking of a dessert pizza and cake bites. Have you ever had cake bites? Oh my, you can find all kinds of them on The best blog--although you've shared a lot of great ones--for anything dessert.

  4. P.S. Aren't blessing days so much fun?!!! Congratulations on your adorable little guy! And, did you make those flip flops yet?