Monday, November 02, 2009

out this week

I have plans this week. Big plans. I need to go buy this book.

And then I'm going to...*squeal*...have it signed. I'm so excited to be a groupie.
(This is a snapshot of part of PioneerWoman's BOOK TOUR. Be there or be square.)


  1. I saw this lady on Bonnie Hunt and she's adorable! It's the only cookbook I've even been tempted to buy because of what she cooked on the show. Please share when you try something fantastic!

  2. hi loladear, my love!
    i have tried a bunch of recipes on her website (firecracker shrimp, best-ever chocolate sheet cake, apple dumplings, etc.) and everything is AWESOME. which is why i'm excited for her book! (long story, i ended up ordering if off amazon so i don't have it yet...i also didn't get anything signed because after 3 hours i was still several hours away so i gave up. *hangs head in shame*