Friday, November 20, 2009

happy november!

in honor of this wonderful month wherein i am allowed to start putting up christmas decorations next week, we decided it was time for new family pictures. okay, that's not why we had them taken but that doesn't change the fact that i am still ridiculously excited. michael can usually only stand having things put up the day after thanksgiving, but i think i might cheat and just get the lights out a few days early. there's nothing quite so wonderful as christmas lights inside at night while snow is falling outside. (mostly because it is WARM inside. it's not as fun looking at christmas lights while standing OUTSIDE. i am most assuredly NOT a fan of cold this year.)

anyhoo, that was a long way of saying that november seems to be a good time to post new family pictures. here's our photo from last year:

and here's the new one from this year:

and next year we'll have another bambino with us! (ok, technically he's already there in the bulge protruding from my abdomen, but he's hiding behind my clothes in this particular picture. anyway he'll be cuter when we can actually see his face and fingers and toes in the picture. for now you'll just have to use your imagination.)


  1. That is a great family photo. Such a cute family!

  2. Did you ever see your family photos from July? I think there were some cute ones in that bunch as well.

  3. oh so cute!!! but why are you people up so late/early posting and commenting? sleep is a precious thing--especially for a pregnant woman!