Tuesday, June 09, 2009

may in review

Nothing better than running through the sprinklers.
Am I really going to post pics of my little boy in his underpants? Too late.

Going to see Thomas in Heber with G&G.

Chillin with my peeps.

Feeding sheep & goats at Thanksgiving Point. I'm so proud of him for not freaking out about this. Trying to get him to do this on previous occasions has proved...upsetting.

Going on a "hay ride" with buddies. Although there was no hay. And really all we could see were the new developments of townhomes going up around the farm. But we were on a wagon being pulled by a horse, so that's cool, right?

And it was a long day for everyone.

Of course no end-of-spring would be complete without a summer 'do! Here John is sporting his own handiwork with the clippers when daddy left him unsupervised for a few seconds.

So we buzzed it all off and now he looks like my adorable little cueball.

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  1. Fun pictures! I love the picture of you and Emily. :)