Sunday, March 07, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

-That big, handsome boy on the left just turned 4 last month. He absolutely ADORES his little brother.

-I made him this cake for his birthday. It's supposed to be a ship.

-Two kids are sleeping, one is at church with his dad. I love quietness.

-But I also miss church. It's such an uplift for my week. Does that make me odd?

-I'm having a hard time remembering the last NEW book I read for fun. (Wait! Collection of short stories from SIL Cathy-- that was it. It was such a great gift.)

-I would love to read a new book every week.

-Maybe after my newborn baby isn't quite so newborn.

-And maybe someday I could actually go to the library to look for books for myself and not spend my entire time corralling and shushing little goobers.

-I can't remember the last time I looked at books for big people. (Wait! Seattle trip with the posse, visited the bookstore. That was it! Good times. Good times.)

-I'm having a hard time motivating myself to blog. Can't think straight and/or stay awake long enough to compose a single cognitive thought.

-On the other hand, babies make me happy.

-Other things that make me happy: this little girl. She is 2 and drives me insane sometimes. But she's also my best bud.

-I'm listening to the sound of silence. It sounds like plugged-in electrical appliances. And short, shallow baby breaths.

-I wonder if nursing babies seems weird to someone who has never done it before. I don't even think twice about it anymore,

-I'm now writing this while I nurse. It's surprising how fast I can type with one hand.

-When thought of in terms of breastfeeding, the term "nursing a beer" seems downright crude. And Freudian.

-But did I mention babies make me happy?

-Sometimes I wish I had a ton of money to spend making other people happy. Then I realize that a can at the food bank would probably make someone happy. I don't need a ton of money for that.

-This is my mom. She makes me happy.

-My husband makes me blissfully happy. But he doesn't like to be photographed much. I can't find a picture of him.

-That is enough thinking for one afternoon. I'm going to go wrap my head around a 10 minute nap.


  1. Hello my friend, How are you? Thanks for posting your random, tired thoughts. I loved hearing from you! Tell your mom and dad hello from me!

  2. If liking church makes you odd, then I guess we are a pair of odd ducks. I loved this blog. That is exactly how my thoughts are when I have nothing to distract me. I'm glad the assimilation of baby #3 has been going well. Oh, and that cake is amazing. Way to go. You even put healthy stuff on it (strawberries). I am impressed.