Tuesday, February 02, 2010

stuff in my purse.

i know, what an exciting blog title. but i was sitting in a car sales office recently (where i ended up being for 2 HOURS) and during that boring, stare-at-the-walls down time i thought about how random a mom's diaper bag can be. what sort of treasures do i have in there that i don't even think about? how long has some of that stuff been floating around in there? so i decided to make a list. exciting, huh? but, if you want a glimpse into the day in the life of a stay-at-home mom, here it is.

small side pocket:
victoria's secret minty lip shine
babies-r-us gift card with remaining balance of $3.49
costco receipt (holding onto it so i can return something)
appointment card for OB
baby hair comb
blue pen
mail key

large main compartment:
Swaddle-Me blanket for wrapping baby (AWESOME gift from friend Nichole)
nursing cover
3 newborn diapers
one almost-empty pack of baby wipes
wallet (don't even get me started on what's in there)
small superman figurine (gift from John's friend, Zach!), complete with cape
ziploc bag of almonds
onesie, size 0-3 months
newborn socks
ziploc bag of dum-dum suckers
small horse figurine
garage door opener
teething toy shaped like a duck
antiseptic hand sanitizer from nu skin
fridge magnet with instacare phone numbers
compact mirror

...aaaaaaand there you have it. i know, like i said, pretty exciting stuff. it makes me wonder what do you carry around in your purse? if you're a mom, is it similar to mine? if you're not, obviously you won't have diapers and baby socks in yours, but what things do you need on a regular basis? if you were stuck in a car sales office for 2 hours with nothing to read (note: i often have a book in there...figures the one time i need it...) what would you do? if you had an i-phone i'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, but for the rest of us little people... i had to content myself by munching on almonds and reading company mission statements on the walls. yawn. so be prepared! you never know when you'll need some good literature on hand. pack your favorite austen novel, just in case.


  1. I'm impressed. Other than the sadly missing book (right when you needed it!), that's a pretty thorough and practical list. I'm about to get back into diaper bag territory myself - but mine will probably have things like wadded-up used Kleenex and other gross stuff, because I'm terrible at cleaning things out. (:

  2. Today while looking for my keys I found a spoon, a container of cheddar cheese dip from Wetzel's Pretzels and a kazoo. Time to clean out the purse!