Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun stuff around the web

We have come across some fun finds on the internet lately and, since I currently can think of nothing original to say, thought I'd share the wealth.
First, this is probably best for Utah-dwellers, but I am fascinated by the "vinyl decorating" industry boom from a few years ago and the fact that it still alive and well. However, most of the producers seem to WAAAAAYY overcharge, in my humble opinion. But I stumbled upon this gem of a place with a sizable collection and reasonable prices.


Personally my favorite feature is the "Create Your Own" center that is awfully fun to play with. I sent a request for an additional design on something I created and, even though it was about 8pm, got a reply immediately and felt so good about the exchange and service I received that I'm happy to refer them to anybody. Plus, check out those Christmas countdown blocks and tell me you don't want one.

OK, next is a youtube video that has become a staple as basic as water around our house. In fact, it is REQUIRED that we watch it every morning before anyone has eaten or changed clothes or gone to the bathroom, or Emily will have a serious fit. We're usually happy to comply--it keeps them occupied while I make breakfast. My friend Lisa introduced me to it and if you have young kids you've probably seen it (it's had 1.2 million views, after all) but I'm posting it anyway. If your little kids have NOT seen're welcome. Also, I'm sorry.

Finally, since I spend all of my time with tiny ankle-biters, here are two more kids' sites that my children love and I highly recommend.

STARFALL.COM -- this is absolutely what taught John his ABC's (also taught him how to navigate on the computer with a finger/track pad when we was barely 2 years old...what is the world coming to???)

UP TO TEN -- this has stuff for kids of all ages, but the balloon labelled "Boowa & Kwala" has the most resources for activities for my children. Just under that one option are literally HUNDREDS of pages of activities, games, music, etc. The character accents can be a little strange at first but other than that I have no complaints and haven't tired of doing these pages yet with my little goobers.

There are a few more online gems we've found (like the "Glee" videos of the mash-ups from last weeks episodes) that have been playing non-stop at our house, but I should save some for later. Being pregnant is killing my brains cells and I am quite sure as the months go by that I'll continue to be devoid of inspiration and need fodder for the blog.

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