Wednesday, September 09, 2009

erin recommends...

It was my sweetheart's birthday today! I want to write a wonderful, glowing sonnet of his masculine qualities, embarrass him with memories of things that make me love him, and tell him how enamored I am with him and am so lucky to have him. And maybe I will...tomorrow. But right now my stomach is speaking louder than my heart. So I wanted to write (Give me a break, I'm pregnant.)

In honor of the big day (which I'm sure he wanted to ignore but his doting wife and children won't let him) my mom graciously agreed to watch the kids so he and I could go out to eat. Mealtimes are so much more pleasant for mommy & daddy when we don't have 2 other (soon to be three! eek!!) mouths to feed.

"I spilled!"
"Bite, please!"
"Can I have some more water?"
"I don't want to eat this."
"After we eat this can I have a treat?"

None of those comments peppered out dinner this evening, which made it all the more enjoyable. Having said that, I think even a screaming baby through the entire meal could not have put a damper on this wonderful feast. We found the most AMAZING Indian restaurant in...a strip mall, of all places. Squeezed in between an embroidery store and a hair salon. Here is a picture of their awesome sign.

(Picture taken from the GANESH website).

Don't let any tacky signage or bizarre location fool you, Michael and I agree it is comparable (and even possibly better) than some of the Indian food we had in Malaysia, and that is really saying something. I honestly can't remember having ever eaten better Chicken Tikka Masala and I'm already drooling over the leftovers I'll eat tomorrow that I wanted to shovel down my throat tonight but couldn't in good conscience since I was already rolling out of my seat.

I recommend looking at their site to check out the weird hours (only open for dinner on Mondays) but we showed up 20 minutes before they opened and with no one else in sight they gladly turned on the lights and the fans for us. We also had the pleasure of speaking to our host who, when asked, showed us the lentils that are used in the kitchen, basically gave us the recipe to the vegetable curry of the day, and even told us where they bought their spices and mangoes and encouraged us to go check it out. (We certainly couldn't have enjoyed that conversation with kids there, so thanks again mom!!!!!) Now, if I could just learn how to make that stuff myself, I'd be one fat, happy momma.

Anyway, if you're looking for some good eats this week, I HIGHLY recommend it. Here's the info:

777 E. Fort Union Blvd.
(Don't be thrown for a loop if you call, just be prepared to speak with STRONGLY accented workers. I didn't ask but I assume they're all from the same Indian family. They're very sweet and patient but just be ready to listen carefully.)

(ps- you can check out their ENTIRE menu online. you know you wanna.)


  1. Erin!! I've been there several times and it's amazing! And not too expensive. And they have a buffet on the week-ends (I know -- a buffet?!?) that is reeeeally good. We'll have to get take-away sometime and take it to our next dinner...

  2. That is awesome. I have always wanted to try Indian food. I have heard that the out of the way spots are usually the best for most ethnic foods. Happy Birthday, Mike!