Sunday, November 16, 2008

recent conversation

I came home from the store last week with a new flavor of ice cream. Here is a discussion Michael & I had as we pulled it out to try some.

(Husband pulls off lid and digs in while I look on warily, grimacing slightly)
Me: ummm...i'm not sure you're going to like it.
Hubby: ugh! it tastes like rotten cookies!
Me: what? (try a bite) no it doesn't.
H: what flavor is it anyway?
(i turn lid over to show him, grinning)
H: YAM & COCONUT??!! that is disgusting!
Me: no it's not, it tastes good.
H: i was expecting chocolate.
Me: what?! why? didn't you see the picture?
H: i don't know, it just looked dark, i figured it was something chocolatey.
Me: ummm, it's purple. with white waves through it. how could you think it was chocolatey? if anything you should think it's going to be fruity. (slight pause) or at least vegetable-y.
H: that's gross.
Me: yeah, i don't think that comment helped me in this argument.

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  1. I've actually had it, and it's not too bad! Better than the sweet corn ice cream anyday! But - definitely NOT chocolate! Mike, it's PURPLE! What were you thinking? My favorite funny ice cream here is the Hokey Pokey ice cream. :)