Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Michael & I have run away from home. You didn't know it, but we aren't living in Malaysia. That's just a cover story. We are really international rock stars, on a global tour with the internationally acclaimed "Rock Band". That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
OK, so coming from this lady who always said she'd never have video games in her home...I want Rock Band. And Guitar Hero. And a bunch of other wii games. Not for my kids. For ME.

We played with our friends Nichole & Mike (thx Nichole!!!) while we were in the states and I got totally hooked. Needless to say I totally rock. At Level 1, of course. But I'm thinking maybe I missed my calling in life and really I should have been a drummer because it is cool. And rockin. After playing that game, I feel the need to say "rock" a lot. Parents, do yourself a favor and go buy yourself one. Not your kids. Yourself. Lock it up in your room and only let them play it on special occasions, like their birthday. Or graduation. So don't be surprised if you never hear from us again because we will be livin' it up around the world, or, more accurately, our living room. Leave us a message and we may get back to you someday.
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  1. Rock on my fine budding rock star friend!

  2. ern, you look like a real rock star! and michael sure looks happy. :)