Wednesday, June 18, 2008

so many pictures, so little time...

So our internet connection basically sucks rocks lately and I haven't been able to upload a thing. I was *this* close to getting a bunch of pictures on here from when Michael's family was here and then our connection was reset and I lost everything. SO... I am giving up and just posting pics of my beautiful children because that's what the grandparental-units like to see anyway. Thankfully I did manage to get these few pictures to upload and I'm not going to press my luck for any more. Hopefully I'll get those other ones up here sometime. But I will tell you we visited an elephant sanctuary, Batu caves (a Hindu temple site not far from our apartment), Krabi (in Thailand, not close to our apartment) and basically had fun being tourists.

Stealing a kiss on our hotel balcony overlooking beautiful tropical grounds with the beach in the background. It was heavenly sitting out here, mostly because the kids were asleep.

My FAVORITE picture of Emily sleeping like a little angel. There's certainly nothing "preemie" about this girl now.

John in the bathtub at our hotel in Thailand, showing off his muscles. The best is that he growls when he does this.

Emily's 3 favorite activities:

Chewing on daddy's finger. (Goodness, how I love her twinkling eyes. What did Grandma Snow used to say? 'dem eyes'd bring a duck off the water.')

Hanging out with her brother (translation: watching his every move as he plays)

Trying to shove both hands in her mouth as far as humanly possible. We're looking into booking her a spot on Letterman.

And two more pictures of John, just because I have such beautiful kids and want to show them off.

Playing with a Mr. Potato Head ear stuck in his own ear. I said he was beautiful, not brilliant.

And I swear he did this of his own accord. I came around the corner and he was clomping around in my shoes. Heels, no less. "Look, mommy! New shoes!" So adorable. And of course Michael was mortified, which makes it that much more hilarious.


  1. Such cute pictures! I miss getting to spend time with John and Emily. I need to get my pictures up soon and will hopefully send a link out in the next little bit. I have some fun pictures of everyone and the trip.

    Miss you guys!!!

  2. These pictures make me miss those two sweethearts soooooo much! We love you!

  3. Don't worry michael, my brother Scott use to dress up in heels, dresses, earrings...the whole nine...and now he is a wonderful husband, and father to he turned out ok :)

  4. oh and one more thing...that little girl is B.E.A-utiful!!!! oh my goodness! She is adorable!!! Those eyes are amazing!!!