Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boy 4 Sale

Literally from the day John turned 2 our home has become a war zone. He has several melt-downs a day, including major screaming fits that leave us so exasperated he ends up in his room half the day because we don't know how to deal with him. We're crossing our fingers that it can simply be attributed to his lack of ability to communicate yet...he's learning slowly about pronunciation of words, he's started stringing together words to make simple sentences...he's really getting there, but apparently it's too slow because he gets wildly frustrated with us when we can't understand him. Anyway, a result of all this hullaballoo is that I revoked movie-watching privileges, making him (heaven forbid) actually play with his mom and, oh i don't know, read and stuff. What a concept. We do, however, still let him watch video clips on YouTube and he especially loves Sesame Street. Michael & I have found the coolest clips that take us on a trip down nostalgia lane...Ladybug Picnic, Pinball counting, Rubber Ducky, C is for Cookie, etc. Anyway, we discovered this the other day and John requests we watch it at least 14 times in a row before I pull the plug because anything is obnoxious after 14 times. The sound is pretty bad and it's totally old school stop-animation, which looks completely primitive after getting used to digital animation. But it is pretty darn amazing when you think about how they accomplished it. So, for your viewing pleasure, here Orange Singing Carmen.


  1. I love it! My boys love Sesame Street clips on Youtube, too. They especially love the old Ernie and Bert sketches. They watch them over and over, crowded around my computer and laughing their heads off. I don't know why they don't make TV for kids like that anymore. Everything out there right now is either so dumbed down that you can hardly watch it (Boohbah, Yo Gabba Gabba, Doodle Bops, Bob the Builder, etc), or trendy-educational, but no fun (Little Einsteins, for example). I do get a kick out of Backyardigans and Read Between the Lions, though. Can you tell I watch enough toddler television? Guess we should do more of that reading stuff, too.

  2. Oh my heck! I totally love it. I had no idea those were still around. As far as the boy, I am just glad to see that it doesn't just happen in our estrogen castle. You will be sad to hear however, that if you think two is only gets worse!! My advice for communication is Signing Time. Once my girls knew how to sign to me what they wanted, the tantrums really slowed down. Good luck!

  3. That is great...I don't think I have seen that clip since it originated on the air...and I was still in a single digit age!