Thursday, February 07, 2008


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We are celebrating today by sitting around in our pajamas, taking pictures, and eating Chinese food (stir-fry beef with snow peas... mmm...) Michael bought this adorable little dress for Emily and even though it sort of drowns her we couldn't resist putting it on her to celebrate Chinese New Year. The official holiday lasts 3 days, but really it's the whole month leading up to it, even afterwards. It like saying Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 25, but really it's the month leading up to it that we consider "Christmas".

We've learned about some fun Chinese traditions while we've been here but the most interesting have to be regarding post-partum traditions for new moms. They are not allowed to bathe or wash their hair for 30 days after giving birth... they also are encouraged not to consume cold drinks or food for 100 days. It all has to do with yin & yang, which, to be quite honest, I still really don't understand. But I actually found some illuminating websites that gave overall views of these post-partum traditions, referred to as the Confinement period, and they included avoiding excess sweating, staying out of the wind, etc. Personally, I find it too much to think about when you're already trying to adjust to having a new baby. Also, I'm afraid I would go stir-crazy staying in the house and have already found myself desperate to get out occasionally. When Emily was one week old, John went with friends to the zoo and Michael took Emily & I out for a $4 hot chocolate at Starbucks.
My internet connection isn't that great today, so I'm not going to post our web album just yet... but we did want to add some pics of our little cutie. She's eating a lot and starting to fill out her newborn clothes & diapers... she's also opening her eyes more than those first pictures so we thought you'd want to see them.

I know I'm biased, but MAN she's beautiful!

I also took some "point of reference" pictures so you could see how perfectly tiny she is... here's her next to my cell phone...

...and my tweezers...

...oh, and that's right, this is her projectile vomiting. Honestly I can't believe she did that RIGHT when I snapped the picture. Nice timing.


  1. Baby Emily is adorable! I have enjoyed looking at all of your pictures! Love you!

  2. Ern she is tiny!! I didn't even know babies came that small! Maybe because I make tankers. She is darling, and I love the yaking. Very attractive.